Bar Manager
Location: Stamford, Springfield

We're always looking for stellar people, so if your specific location isn't listed please still apply.

Has anyone ever created a Facebook group called I love my bartender in honor of you? Are you the type of person who creates a party wherever you go? Can you hold your own in any beer geek conversation? Do you know the definition of bourbon? Have you ever won a cocktail competition? Wait we're not done, do you also know how to find out why there is a variance in your inventory? How do you schedule your bar staff? Do you know how to determine the right price for a drink? Is your bar so clean you could eat off it? By the way, bonus points if you've ever served cocktails in roller skates.

WARNING! We may be a different company than you are used to. We do things our own way and we are growing fast. Our team works really hard and has a lot of fun. We put a lot of effort into making sure all of the people who work with us fit us and that we fit them. This written interview is probably very different than what you're used to. Many of these questions don't have a technically correct answer (though some do), this is designed for us to get to know you and you us. Take your time, have fun and be yourself. Good Luck!

We consider applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status or any other legally protected status.