Can You B-lieve it’s Not Beef?

Our culinary team is all about innovating and finding ways to improve. Last December, we started offering the Impossible™ Burger, a 100% plant-based patty that looks, cooks, and tastes like ground beef. As we discovered after hearing about its launch in late 2016, this sought-after culinary innovation didn’t just sound unbelievable, it was almost impossible to get. After a year of searching, we were so thrilled when we could finally offer it to our guests!

Now, in March of 2018, we have far surpassed the 1000 burger mark – and it shows no signs of slowing down. Next month, we will be giving the “I Can’t B-lieve it’s Not Beef” burger –  a fully vegan, 6oz composed Impossible burger topped with caramelized onions, roasted tomato, baby spinach and chipotle ranch – a coveted space on the menu.

The “I Can’t B-lieve it’s Not Beef” Burger

Although it is a vegan meat substitute, according to Impossible Foods™, the burger is really designed as an alternative for people who love meat. The company’s “secret ingredient” – Heme – is an iron-containing molecule that occurs naturally in both plants and animals but is more abundant in animal muscle. The inclusion of this plant-based soy leghemoglobin is what makes this veggie burger a so-called “carnivore’s dream”.

So how does it compare? We’ve heard a lot of feedback about the Impossible Burger, both from our staff and our guests. Our Chefs were a bit wary when we first brought it up, but after handling the product, they admitted that the preparation and cooking were pretty similar. Blind taste tests led to some surprising results. Many of them felt that if they were served this burger outside of the restaurant, they would be hard-pressed to tell it wasn’t beef. We served it recently at an event with the Connecticut Organic Farmer’s Association, and we had vegetarians passing by our table thinking we were serving beef, and meat eaters that were shocked to hear that they weren’t actually eating beef.

Impossible Bites at the CT NOFA Conference

The burger also has feel-good component. In addition to having protein, fat and calorie levels comparable to 80/20 beef and being cholesterol-free, it’s more sustainable. Compared to cows, it uses 95% less land, 74% less water, and creates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions. The company’s goal is that “you, your children, and your grandchildren’s children will always be able to enjoy a good ol’ fashioned burger”, and that’s a goal we can get behind.

Learn more about the Impossible™ Burger here:

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